Thursday, April 10, 2014


Last Sunday when I came over to my studio to pay bills and catch up with my bookkeeping, I had a really nice surprise. I had an e-mail from the Sewell Gallery in Eureka, CA, who represent me, and they had sold one of my large pieces.
The funny thing is, it was an older piece that I had pulled out of storage to fill in space if need be amongst my newer work. This piece was made in 1999. You can see the details of this piece here along with other pieces that were in the exhibit: Exhibition Gallery
A New Realm Beckons, 44"h x 59"w

This piece started as all white fabric with the exception of the solid black. The background was overdyed with Procion three times, and then it was painted with black Versatex ink on the back side. The ink work was done with an Identipen, and the fans were paper-pieced from gradated hand dyed fabrics then hand appliqued onto the background.


KAM said...

April...Wonderful that this beautiful piece has found a home where it will hang well and be appreciated. It is my delight to read your blog posts from my home in Montana.

A.Sproule said...

Hello Kristin, It is good to hear from you and I hope that all is well in Montana! I guess you can never figure what people will be interested in.

Smokey Leal said...

April---This is an absolutely beautiful piece that I have admired for such a long time. The textures are so varied and the hues that you chose are peaceful and yet exciting and lead the eye on an adventure. I am glad this piece has found it's home. Smokey