Here is my finished studio. I love the way that the new building dwarfs my house. After all, art is really important! We tried to design the new building to look like a carriage house  fitting in style with the 1880's farmhouse in which I live. I  didn't want something that looked looked like a metal box that had fallen out of the sky. Everyone did a tremendous job on this building. It was an invaluable experience for me, and I now have a great place to work as well as teach. 

This is my APQS longarm machine.It looks small here, but it is actually 14 feet long.

My desk and office area face east so that I am able to enjoy the morning sun as well as a great view of the trees surrounding my building.

This was one of the first workshops in the new studio.
Linda Hartshorn and I hold a three day Indigo Shibori workshop each September.

Here's another shot of the downstairs during a Painting with Setacolor workshop.Walter and his wife Cathy created some amazing pieces that weekend.

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Dana said...

I love your studio and hope that I can take one of your classes sometime soon.

Dana Prichard