Friday, May 01, 2015

Santa Fe!

I have been in Santa Fe since last Saturday. I came here to take a four day surface design workshop with one of my favorite artists: Betty Busby.
 I am learning to use my new camera, and here is a shot taken from our balcony at sunset out across the arroyo. The skies are just incredible here, and I am amazed at how quickly the weather changes.
Over the years, I have had the privilege to take workshops from some very talented people. But I have never encountered anyone like Betty before. She is one of the most talented, generous, inspirational, and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of studying with. I will post photos and more information about what we learned next week when I return home.
This is Betty with Carol Larsen from Petaluma.They are downloading images for cutting on the Silhouette. The software is easier to use than I expected, but then I haven't done it on my own yet.
My sister Barbara is traveling with me, and she is enrolled in a very intensive workshop at the Nikon School of Photography titled The Art and Science of Landscape Photography. They spend mornings in the lab, and trek off to different locations each day. Barbara has been really busy, as the five day class runs for 12- 13 hours a day.
My workshop finished up yesterday, so my friend Kathryn Stotler, who flew in on Tuesday, and I are headed out for a day of photography and sketching. We are going to Bandalier, Los Alamos, Abiquiu, and then hopefully we will hike up Castle Rock at the Ghost Ranch. Living at sea level, it is surprising to me how much the change in altitude is affecting us all.