Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tyler's Quilt

These are pieces of Ultra Sateen that I just finished dyeing for my son's Christmas quilt. My son is in his first year of college, and I wanted him to be able to take something back with him that I had made. I already have the design tentatively completed, but that could easily change as things progress.
I kept dyeing and overdyeing the fabric until I was finally satisfied with the results. I really love the taupes, grays, blacks, and the coral together. I had a few rejected pieces, but not too many. I decided that it was better to not just settle for something that wasn't quite satisfactory.Check back in a few days to see my progress. The piece will be approximately 52" x 70" when done.
Here you can see the detail of the fabric. Some of these fabrics  I overdyed 3 or 4 times to achieve the desired result.  I used three basic colors which I mixed from primaries, with the exception of the black, in several different dilutions. I am hoping that when I actually sew them together I can achieve some sort of flow from one piece to the next. I will have to wait until another day to find out. It feels really good to be creating once again.

The Loneliest Bee

A few days ago I came home from a trip to find this poor little Yellow Jacket, a type of wasp, trying to make himself at home in my box of quilting pins. He must have thought that he was related to these objects in the box. After all, they were bright yellow, and they all had sharp pointy things on the end just like him. Poor little bee: I took him outside, separated him from his long lost relatives, and sent him on his way.