Thursday, November 08, 2018

Block Printing on Fabric Workshop in Santa Rosa, CA

Left: That is me on doing a demo of my printing technique. Right: Kate's stamps.
     Thank you to everyone for making the Block Printing on Fabric workshop a huge success. Thank you Denise for taking all of the great photos, and I especially appreciate all of your hospitality while I was in town.
     This class was held at Village Sewing in Santa Rosa, CA. Most of the people had taken other workshops I have taught here, but we did have a couple of new faces. Jackie, John, and the rest of the crew at Village always make sure things run smoothly, and they take such great care of their students: morning munchies and a great lunch provided by them are always much appreciated.
Left: Jo's blocks          Right: Geri's blocks.
     All the participants did a fabulous job in this two day workshop, so I just have to share some of the wonderful work they did. I provide handouts with lots of optional designs, but this group was quickly up and running putting their own design skills to work.
Left: Kristine's blocks            Right: Gig's blocks
   We covered everything from carving materials and tools to inks and printing techniques. We carved our stamps, and then proofed them on paper to check the designs.
Left: Pam's blocks        Right: Ann's blocks
We also did tiled prints where blocks are printed in repeat. When doing this you only carve 1/4 of the block.
Left: Teaches' blocks     Right: Kathy's blocks
Teach had carved the blocks on the left in a class she had taken a few years ago. Her designs are just beautiful.
Left: Sue's blocks     Right: Denise's blocks
I am very grateful for having attendees who are so incredibly enthusiastic in the workshops I teach at Village. I always look forward to going there. Everyone is so supportive, and talented, and positive it makes all of my preliminary work worthwhile.
One last thing, Kathy wins the award for getting more paint on herself than on her fabric!