Friday, March 21, 2008

My Older Setacolor

Hand painted with Setacolor on silk. Flower is silk organza.

Detail of Transparancies. The quilting was fun on this one, and very challenging as far as deciding what to do.

Where the Ferns Touch the Sky: Hand painted with Setacolor on silk.

My Recent Setacolor Work

Matrix Opal I

Painted with Setacolor on 16mm silk crepe de chine. Size: 16'"x 20"

Rust I
Hand painted with Setacolor on 16mm silk. The metallic strips are painted wonder under that are fused on. Size: 12" x 15"
Rust II: Sold
Closeup. Hand painted with Setacolor on silk.

Ferns III: The only one left in this series as the other two have sold.
Hand painted with Setacolor on silk.
Size: 12" x 15"

Size: 12" x 17"

Painting and Printing with Setacolor Workshop

Here are some of the images of student's work here at my studio last summer and fall. I was very happy with the variety of results that people achieved. Setacolor is such a great medium to work with. I am posting student work first, and then mine.This was a piece by Molly Miles

Time and Place: Mendocino Art Center
April 19-20, 2008

Sproule Studios, Fortuna, CA
June 21-22, 2008
(707) 725-9124

This beautiful piece was by Lorna Saner.

This is a piece by Lynne Sarty.