Saturday, September 17, 2011

Green Passion Flower

This little piece has been sitting around patiently for the past couple of months waiting to be completed. I posted earlier photos of the work in progress. Here are the beginning and the end.
This was a piece of Radiance, silk/cotton blend, that I dyed with Procion dye. I hand stitched around the perimeter of each circle, drew it up tightly, and then bound it with thread so that very little dye would seep in. It sat around for quite a while before I figure out what to do with it. It is a variation of the kumo, or spiderweb, shibori pattern.
This piece was painted with my Passion Flower Stencil, and I used Neopaque paint. I used wool batting and Aurafil thread. The red rectangles were made from a piece of Radiance that I dyed a rasberry color. I discharged them with the De Colourant in a class demo, and amazingly enough they discharged to the exact shade of green as the center piece of this wall hanging. I had wanted to add some red to this piece to neutralize all of that green and teal, so this worked out perfectly.