Saturday, March 01, 2014

Deadlines: Love Them/Hate Them

 For the past few weeks I have been in manic mode creating new work for an exhibit that opens today at the Sewell Gallery in Eureka, CA. I will post a few close up shots for now, and later I will post photos of the opening, the exhibit, and full shots of the work for anyone who is interested. I would love to hear your comments if you have any. Thank you very much for taking a look at my work.
 The work falls into two different little collections which I will expand later: Contemporary Wholecloth and Fun with Colors and Shapes.
 Impressions Close Up
 Noshi Close Up
 Beetles In Space Close Up
 Grasshopper Moon

 Escape Close Up


susan fletcher king said...

Lovely - would love to see the show - hope it is a great success!

A.Sproule said...

Thank you so much Susan. I will post lots more photos later for those of you that can't be there and post it on the list.

Hilary Florence said...

April, I am so excited to find this! I consider myself to be a contemporary free motion quilter - but on a domestic sewing machine - and it is sooo great to find someone who isn't doing feathers, however good they may be. I love the photos - particularly the first two. I am in the UK, so please, please post photos of the show - and I can't wait to hear about contemporary whole cloth!
Good luck with the show

Smokey Leal said...

April--You and your work take my breath away! I should have driven up yesterday for your show! You have such an innate sense of balance and color plus all the hard work you do in creating these magnificent pieces! I am always so inspired when I see your work. I hope the show was an incredible success and I would like for you to show these pieces in a gallery down here in Sonoma. See you soon, love Smokey

A.Sproule said...

Hillary, thank you for your comments. I agree with you,as lovely as "feathers" can be, there are about a zillion other designs and variations we could be using. I will be posting full images by the end of the week. And, you don''t need a longarm to do this kind of work.

LA Paylor said...

April, congratulations! Happy dance!
you deserve it
LeeAnna Paylor from quiltart
Not Afraid of Color!

A.Sproule said...

Thank you very much Leanna. it was more like a Happy Nap though. Even when I thoroughly enjoy these events they seem to zap every ounce of energy. I am happy that I bounce back so quickly though.

Martha said...

Wow--what beautiful free-motiono quilting! I echo the other comments about the intricacy and variety of the designs. The detail shots are inspiring. What a treat the viewers are in for who can see the exhibit at the gallery. Thanks for posting the link on the QA list.
Martha Ginn

Martha said...

Ooops. . . obviously that free-motiono should have been free-motion!