Friday, February 10, 2012

Upcycled:My Little Black Dress

As some of you know, years ago I began creating wearable art clothing. It has been so incredibly long since I have made any garments that it feels really strange to do so again. It feels as if I have never done this before, and I seem to have forgotten the majority of what I once knew. However, I am very persistent, and I hope that some of that knowledge eventually creeps back into my brain.
The Beginning
This is the second upcycled piece that I have done in the last couple of months, and I am having so much fun doing these pieces. The fact that these garments were destined for the trash is very liberating for my creativity.
Rough Production Sketch

My  New Little Black Dress
This piece was painted with my Passion Flower Stencil

I used Lumiere  and Neopaque fabric paints which are both made by Jacquard. The commercial  pattern that I started with was Butterick # B5673. This is my first little video that I have created by myself so please let me know what you think. I have wanted to create video tutorials for a very long time, and I have been working diligently to learn the process of  filming and editing. Once I master the basics, I will be free to focus on creating better content with more detailed information. I would love to hear any feedback that you have to offer.


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

You have created a gorgeous 'little black dress'!

Wen Redmond said...

WOW beautiful!

Nancy said...

Terrific, I have been looking at my old silk turtlenecks and wanting to change the neckline and embellish them.
This gives me courage, if not specifics, since I am not that familiar with how to construct the new neckline I want.

Funky Diva said...

April, I enjoyed your video tutorial very much along with your pictures. I love doing wearable art, but painting is not a strong point for me, and I wish I was more comfortable with it. I am very impressed with what you have accomplished with your stenciling and dying. Maggie Winfield

norma said...

What a transformation! From a drab, out-of-style dress to something that could be in a NYC boutique.

arlee said...

AGHHH I wish i had seen this earlier today---i could have done it to mine for my art reception tonight!!!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!