January Group Studies

For our January Design Exploration Project our parameters that we chose to work within were: shape, repetition, and a triadic color scheme.

This is Ruthanne Rocha's piece. This was the first time that Ruthanne had tried thread painting, and I think that she did a wonderful job. Ruthanne had dyed the background fabric.

This is my piece for the project. I wanted to work with stencils, so I designed this nasturtium stencil basing my shapes on circles and triangles. The flowers have a triangular shape which is repeated in the division of the leaves. My color scheme was triadic using blue green, orange gold, and orchid. I am not a big fan of pink, and I was really hesitant to use this color initially, I actually like the color combination now. This is one of my first hand cut stencils, and the black Kona cotton is printed with Lumiere and Neopaque textile paint.

I am enjoying these little projects, as it really prompts me to try something new that I might not have otherwise.

This is Martha Haynes' piece. We all loved and wanted the background fabric. It is gorgeous, and it was commercial fabric.
Martha is experimenting with stitching her machine appliqued flowers through the batting, and then she will decide on how to attach them to her background once she has finalized her composition.

Nancy Branch is next up. Nancy loves wild and vivid color, and I don't think that I have ever see her turn out a piece that was drab or boring. The background fabric with the blue green spirals was already printed, and she fused the circles on.
And, no, this is not just a really bad photograph, her piece is actually shaped like this. It is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom.

Connie Gardner created this amazing little piece. I loved her shapes and the movement that they create. I really enjoy the composition of this piece. Connie's workmanship is always outstanding and showcases her sense of fun and adventure so well.

Although Connie Rose didn't make this piece specifically for the project, it certainly still fits very well within the theme. She has paired her discharged shibori fabrics with digital prints of clouds for a very intriguing piece.

Last we have a jacket in progress by Nola Flynn. Nola has created some of the most incredible wearable art that any of us have ever seen. This photo was taken on Monday evening, and Nola was planning to wear it to a dinner the following Saturday. I would not be at all surprised if she actually finished it in time.

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Robin said...

Wonderful work and so diverse! To me that is the fun of a group project-seeing where everyone takes it.