Fiber Art Group Studies

Next Challenge for January

Our next project will incorporate shapes with variety, and we will use a triadic color scheme. With the upcoming holidays, we figured that nobody would have time to complete another project before then. Once again, there are not any requirements as to size or medium. Anything will work. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in December at our Christmas gathering.

Posted below are the beginning of our line drawing project. I should have more images to share later as others in the group complete their projects.

Here is the beginning of my new project for our fiber arts group. Our subject was Line, and it could be anything to do with line.The lines could represent movement, texture, mood, perspective, and be of any shape, quantity or size. Above is my little warm up exercise in my sketchbook.
I have chosen to do an irregular grouping of straight lines set mostly on a slight diagonal. I have included three balls that are of differing sizes which are stitched with a scribbly line to create dimension.
My color scheme will be analagous with the exception of the black of the lines which was used for emphasis. Next comes the stitching. I need to have this done by Monday, so check back early in the week to see the completed project.

Here is my finished piece. There are details about the construction process on the home page.

Here is Nancy Branch's Line Project which she made from metallic airbrushed fabric that she purchased at PIQF last month.

I love this drawing. It is a very happy and lively line.

These are two line drawings by Susan Schuessler that she would like to do in fabric eventually.
These are Martha Haynes' line drawings ffor our last project.


Cindy said...

April: Love your piece...amazing!
Nancy: Love yours too...can't wait to see more of it.
Susan: Wow...loving drawing.

KAM said...

April you piece is extraordinary. I would love to see this one close up, so much texture, the lines just explode with delicious creativity as you proceed with the development of the piece. A delight to view your work even as I am now distant from Humboldt County.
Nancy's piece is also very good and a nice exploration of line. Susan's drawing should be wonderful in fiber.
Glad I followed your site and took a look at your group's work, a real treasure of an experience on this very cold, wintery day on the Rocky mountain western front.