Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Moth Bag

This is the last of my linen bags. All of the others sold very quickly, and I am very grateful to those of you who purchased them. Each bag seemed to find its way to the person who was the perfect fit for each one.
 The bag exterior is 100% Linen. It is hand painted, hand embroidered, and machine quilted by me. The interior of the bag has a laptop, iPad compartment, 2 side pockets, a zippered pocket, and 3 other smaller pockets inside for carrying smaller items.

Leave a message if you are interested in this item. The cost is $300.00 plus shipping; leave a comment if you are interested in a purchase. Note: This bag has been sold. 
Stencils used: Moths,  Scrolls, and Lattice.


KAM said...

Great design, wonderful work, April.


sdBev said...


A.Sproule said...

Thank you very much. It was fun combining the stencils, hand embroidery, and the machine stitching for something so functional.

Neeraj said...

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Karen L. said...

I have only just discovered your website/blog and find myself sitting with jaw dropped looking at the work you have done. It's intimidating and inspiring all at the same time. I will be reading back through your previous postings and information on your website. Wow is an often used word that has become somewhat meaningless, I think, but in this case, not so. Therefore ... WOW! What wonderful work you do.