Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Indigo Shibori: A Great Success

I finally have some photos together of our Indigo Shibori workshop at the Natural Fiber Fair in Arcata, CA, in September. Linda Hartshorn and I co-taught this class. We usually offer it as a  3 day class, but this was condensed down to 1 day, so the students really had to work hard!
One of the things I love the most about teaching the Indigo Shibori class is that pretty well everyone is assured of instant success. It is always the factor of the unknown results that I find so appealing.
I taught the Shibori segment in the morning, and I was amazed at how much everyone was able to get done. In fact, everybody was so enthusiastic that most worked right through lunch until Linda was ready to start with the indigo outdoors.
This is a quilt top from Afghanistan that Rabia  O'Loren procured for a fundraiser for her non-profit organization that raises money. The organization is the Roshni Centre for Women. The piece was made with a reverse hand applique technique with the colored fabric underneath. The white fabric was placed on top of the colored fabric, cut away, and then hand stitched with the edges turned under. I think each block was about 20" square.
I machine quilted it for them, pro bono, which was quite a task. I used thread matching the background and outline stitched around each shape. It took a very long time, but at least now it can be used as a quilt.
Rabia set up a lovely display in the foyer of the building and sold lots of raffle tickets for the quilt over the weekend.
Here I am doing a demonstration of my painting techniques with the stencils in our booth. I always kick myself afterwards for not taking more photos of the booth. My friend Patty Demant and I shared a big booth, so it was a really fun weekend. Patty is doing eco-dyeing on silk, cashmere, and wool clothing and it is gorgeous. She is dyeing a cashmere sweater for me right now, and I can't wait to see it.
 I love doing this event each year. The people are great, the food is wonderful, the teachers are incredibly talented, and the vendors are exceptional. And, it is only 45 minutes from my home. I am indeed very fortunate.

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