Saturday, June 04, 2011

Work in Progress: Passion Flower

This is the first actual piece that I have done with my new Passion Flower Stencil. I have been printing lots of samples lately, but it is really nice to be finishing a project at last.This wall hanging began as a piece of Radiance that I had done in a kumo shibori pattern. The circles were perfectly suited for the flower. I painted this piece with Neopaque and a little bit of Lumiere. I am very happy with the soft hand that the fabric retained. I really love layering the shapes and blending the colors.
Here is the back of the piece. I do not want to stitch in the flowers themselves, so I have added pieces of wool batting to fill out the shapes. I hand baste the wool on, and then after I have quilted the entire piece I will remove it. In this way I will not have to get the piece wet. One of my students had done some marking on a small silk piece, and she spritzed with with water to remove the marks. The moisture relaxed the fiber and caused it to stretch out. It never resumed its shape. I haven't had this problem, but it never hurts to be careful.

Here is a full shot of the wall hanging before quiting. I still need to do something to the borders, but I have not decided what as yet. I think that I would like to put a little reddish shade in the border to neutralize the teal. What fun!

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