Monday, January 27, 2020

New Website: No, We Haven’t Flown the Coop

Hum Bird on linen with Japanese Boro Style Stitching.
No, we haven’t left or closed down. But after procrastinating for the past couple of years, we have finally created a new website. Thank you all for your patience during this transition! The new site is now up and running.

The website address is the same:

The new Blog is part of the new websiteNew Blog

The email is different, and you can contact us through the Contact Us  page. 

New blog posts will be posted on the Website Blog, and the new blog will be up in a few days. We will be featuring more How To Tutorials on the new blog.
Things have been moved around a bit, but we still carry the same products, and we are adding new things every day. We hope you will find the new site much more user friendly and informative. Thank you to all of our loyal customers.
Note: It will take the search engines a while to relink to the new sections of the website, but just enter the site address and you will find everything up online.

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